Vision and Mission

Becoming a logistic enterprise of Vietnam with reliable brand in Vietnam and the Southeast
Asia to provide services with professionalism, good quality, and competitive cost.
Integrating value-added services of the supply chain, optimizing the stages in the supply chain, providing economic value to the enterprises using logistic services of Amazin Logistics, aiming at supplying green Logistics, reverse Logistics.
Core Values
• The customer is the boss of the Company: each member of the Company is responsible to bring benefit and satisfaction to the customers.
• Transparency:
• Respect for the individuals: always creating opportunities for each individual to develop its own capacities. The leaders always listen, share all the views and give frank
• Team spirit: Common beliefs and goals, all for the development of the company.
• Employees’s passion and high responsibility: When the employees are unable to work with the highest responsibility, change or stop. The Company always creates the best conditions for the members of the Company.
• Act now: prompt action with efforts, highest perseverance until reaching targets, having realistic look, accepting difficulties and finding ways to overcome difficulties with firm confidence.
Social Responsibility

Creating added values to the enterprise, reducing logistic costs by advising integrated logistics Solutions. Creating friendly, professional working environment to promote
intellectual power of the workers, responsible for the environment.

  • No 524 Ong Ich Khiem Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: 0236.656.44.88 * Phone: 0934.988.678

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